Palace Tour : Trip to Chosun Dynasty

By Local Unnie

Aside from going to Gapyeong for Nami Island and Petite France, I suggest you to go to one of the four palaces currently open to the public located within Seoul to explore the culture and history of Korea.

For me, one is enough to explore the culture but if you are a history lover why not go for all?

Today, I will share you my visit to Gyeongbokgung last October 2016. My trip to Chosun Dynasty started with an idea of wearing han-bok, a traditional dress of Korea. If you are a fan of Korean television series “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds”, this is your chance. Get a chance to choose your favorite han-bok and be Park, Bo-gum or Kim, You-jung for a day!

Take a look at my tour to Gyeongbokgung wearing a han-bok before I tell you how it went. Considering it was October and autumn, the sky was so high and the sun was really so hot! Wearing han-bok in a sunny day made me really tired; however, despite the hot weather, I was very satisfied since I was took a lot of pictures of mine. Hehe 🙂



First, purchase a “discount coupon” through social commerce site.


I do recommend to purchase a discount coupon because you will be able to avail the product cheaper than the SRP. Furthermore, there are offers that are only available through online purchase. I bought my discount coupon through We make Price, Wemape in short by searching han-bok rentals. There were a lot of offers and among those I chose “Hanboknam”. Hanboknam because they were newly opened last April 2016 and had over 300 pieces of han-bok. Furthermore, this shop is located at the heart of historical and cultural tourist spots such as Gyeongbokgung, Insadong, and Bukchon Hankok Village. It’s just five minutes away!

After choosing where to buy your coupon, it is now what to purchase?

What to purchase really depends on you! It depends on how long do you want it to be rented and what kind of han-bok do you want to get. There are two types of han-bok namely the traditional and themed han-bok. Since I used to wear the traditional one when I was a kid, I chose themed han-bok and rented it for 4 hours. I personally think that 4 hours is enough to experience han-bok. Han-bok was so pretty and gorgeous yet it is still uncomfortable since I am not used to it. I got mine including a hair band at KRW 28,990 but this may vary depending on the available promos.

Second, go to the shop to rent your han-bok.

Here’s the map to Hanboknam. Take line number 3, the orange line, and get off at Anguk station.


From exit no. 1 follow the blue line until you see this building below.


This is how it looks!


When you see thi mannequin standing, you’ve found Hanboknam!

Third, register at the counter by presenting your valid ID.

Fill up your name/contact number/number of participants.

Fourth, put all your belongings in the locker.

Separate charge will be added upon renting a locker. Renting a locker is optional so it’s upto you.

Fifth, choose your han-bok.

You will be given 30 minutes to choose your han-bok. If you take more than 30 minutes to choose what to wear, the time exceeded will be deducted from your allotted time. You can save your time by choosing a skirt before choosing your top.

Sixth, use fitting room.

You can try only two han-bok of your choice.

Seventh, adjust the length.

After choosing your han-bok, make sure to adjust your skirt if it is too long.

Eight, choose your accessory. (optional)

Nineth, settle your balance at the counter.

Show your coupon and settle the remaning balance, if there’s any.


Now you are ready to roam around the palace like the prince and pricess of Chosun dynasty! And one more! By wearing hanbok, you will get a free pass to palace! 😀

Please be aware of the time, since you will be charged KRW 1,000 every 10 mins. exceeding the allotted rental period. Furthermore, once there is a damage on han-bok you will be liable for the damages.

Have fun traveling Korea!

If you have inquiries on purchasing the coupon, leave me your e-mail address.

Your local unnie will get back to you as soon as possible.


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