Cheonjinpoja : Place to eat before going to Gyeongbokgung

By Local Unnie

Since I have scheduled my tour after lunch around 1:00 PM, I had to eat first before going to dress up. From Anguk Station exit number 1, you will see these places posted below by following the route colored in blue. (What blue route? Refer to my previous post.)


This street will lead to Samcheon-dong.


There was busking happening.


Something special about this street?
This street is the place where one of the shootings for “The Goblin” was taken.
Do you remember the scene when Kim, Sin met Ji, Eun-tak on a rainy day while Beautiful by Crush is played?

 For your recap…


Moving on from “The Goblin”, you will see this wall painting.


How cute?

When I went to this place last September, there was a flower shop on the left side of the street. Shootings of different K-dramas were done. However, from my recent visit to Samcheon-dong, I have noticed that the flower shop has been closed. Too sad. 😦

While walking through the route colored in blue, you will see the restaurant named “Cheonjinpoja” on your left side. This place is one of the well-known restaurants among the locals according to my colleague who joined me throughout the han-bok tour to Gyeongbokgung.

Since the restaurant has no English alphabets on its signage, I have attached the outer look of the restaurant and its Korean signage to guide you.

DSC01510.JPGIt is a small restaurant so there is a tendency for you to wait for a while.

Here’s the menu from “Cheonjinpoja”. Everything aside from the food is on a self-service. Furthermore, in this restaurant you have to pay as you order the food.

DSC01508In my case, I ordered 1 Honton soup and 1 fried noodles.


Honton soup at KRW 6,000

Honton soup is a dumpling soup. It may not in a good look but the taste is really awesome.


Your local unnie strongly recommend this dish.


Fried noodles at KRW 6,000

This fried noodles was just so so. There were too much veggies to the point that I cannot taste the noodles. Yet, we had a good lunch before heading to Hanboknam. I hope this post will help you on the what to eat and where to eat in Korea.

If you have inquiries leave me a comment.

Your local unnie will get back to you as soon as possible.

Have fun traveling Korea. 🙂

Travel Korea like the local. Travel Korea with your one and only local unnie.


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