Bukhansan Dule-gil : Trail the Old Castle Way of Korea

By Local Unnie

If you love to walk, I hope this post on Dule-gil, a Korean word for trail way, will give you a happy trekking experience in Korea.

Yetseong-gil, section 7 of 13 Bukhansan Dule-gil, is the only section that goes through a castle gate. This section passes by Tangchundaeseonggammun that was established to link the castle town to Bukhansan Castle during the Chosun Dynasty.

Distance : 2.7 km

Time : 1hr 40 mins.

Level : Normalimg_bukhansan-03.jpg

How to get there?

Upper part of Bukhansan Ecology Park:

  1. From Bulgwang Station Exit No. 2, cross the street
  2. Take 7022 or 7211 bus and get off at Dokbakgol
  3. Walk for 7 mins.

It might be confusing for you to look for the right path leading to the entrance. If I have to give you a tip, follow the people wearing outdoor wears or follow the signs that will give you a direction.

What to do?

Trail and visit the nearby sights such as Tangchundaeseongammun, observatory, and Rose Park.

Here are some pictures from my trekking last Saturday.

Obligatory photo of myself reaching the end point of the trail.

Where to eat and what to eat?

Grandma’s Original Tofu House.

Honestly, I am not a fan of tofu. I only eat tofu when it is cooked as bean paste soup. Yet, in this case, I ate so much. Wondering if it is an aftermath of trekking or I was just so hungry.

Have fun eating and traveling Korea! 🙂


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