Gangnam Resto : Amazing Thai

By Local Unnie
After four days of training, I had a dinner with my partner in crime. We often meet each other without setting an appointment ahead and I think it is a blessing to have a friend(?) like her.

To explain how we became this close, we worked together in a team for almost six months – seeing each others five to six days in a week. LOL (now you know.)

It might be weird to post a review on a Thai restaurant considering that this blog was established to inform foreigners on how to travel like the locals. However, to think about it, locals do not always eat Korean food. They do also eat Italian, Chinese, Japenese, and other more so I decided to write about this Thai restaurant newly established in Gangnam area.

We decided to go to Amazing Thai with a recommendation coming from my manager. Upon searching, I found out that this resto was famous in Itaewon for its delicious dishes and Thai cooks.

How to get there?

  1. From Gangnam station exit no. 10, walk straight.
  2. Turn left on the street after the KAKAO SHOP.
  3. Turn right on the second street.

Here’s the outer look of the building.

Do you see the above violet signage? If yes, you have found Amazing Thai! Inside the building was like a maze. @_@

I had a doubt upon entering the restaurant since there was no one sitted. Yet, this doubt was totally gone after tasting their dishes.

Since they have an open kitchen, the food being served was trustworthy.

Menus do have an English translation and pictures of the dishes. Definitely, no worries for the foreigners!

My friend and I ordered a couple set good for two.

Nomnom…. Here are the photos of what we had.

My friend and I were very satisfied with the food as we finished almost everything. Hehe

Hope this review will give you an additional option on where and what to eat in Korea. 🙂

Have fun eating and traveling Korea! 🙂


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