Cafehopping: Piano Libre at Gangnam

By Local Unnie
Gangnam is really a busy district crowded with people. Two years ago, I had an appointment in Gangnam. After having a dinner at Din Tai Fung, my friend and I wanted to be seated and have some chat in a SILENT cafe on a Friday night. First thing on our mind was IMPOSSIBLE. Gangnam on an ordinary weekday is crowded enough, what more on a Friday night after work? I am sure that 8 out of 10 cafes/restos/bars are full of people. Yet, I did not give up immediately. I searched for a silent cafe in Gangnam and I was lucky enough to find one. HOORAY! 🙂

How to get there?:

  1. From exit no. 11 of Gangnam station, go straight until you see New Balance.
  2. Turn right and walk uphill then you will see Piano Libre on your right. 

Upon entering this place, I shouted HEAVEN. This place perfectly matched with what I have imagined. Since 2015, Piano Libre became my must to go every time I have an appointment in Gangnam.

What to I get?

I usually get their green tea bingsoo. Believe me or not. Everyone who accompanied me find their green tea bingsoo as life bingsoo. So you know what to try??? (Blink blink)

Visit Piano Libre and look for me! 🙂
Have fun traveling Korea! 🙂


Local Unnie


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