Kota Kinabalu December 2016: Pre-flight Preparation

Last December 2016, I was planning a vacation leave yet I was not able to prepare in advance since my friend was waiting for a job offer. Fortunately, my friend got a job offer and we were able to travel before the year ends. YAAY Since we had nothing on our mind, our pre-flight preparation started from here. Since it was cold in Korea, my friend and I wanted somewhere warm so we ended up with Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia.

Kota Kinabalu, which is located in the northern part of the island of Borneo, is 5-hour away from Incheon. The climate in this country throughout the year is humid. Average temperature of this country is about 30 degrees Celsius. Best time to travel Kota Kinabalu is from March to September.

First, the flight. My friend and I searched cheap airfare (as much as possible). We used sky scanner, naver, gmarket, interpark, and others and we booked our tickets through Air Seoul. Air Seoul was not well-known when we had our trip to Kota Kinabalu since it was founded in July 2016. We got our tickets at KRW 712,400 for two.

Second, accommodation. We used Booking.com and were able to book Promenade hotel for MYR 1,011 (approximately KRW 270,000).

Details of Kota Kinablu trip are as follows:

Day 0 (December 18, 2016) Incheon -> Kota Kinabalu

Day 1 (December 19, 2016) Island Hoping at Sapi Island, Dinner at Toscani, and Massage

Day 2 (December 20, 2016) Lunch at Booga, Healing at the hotel, Dinner at Breeze Beach Club, and Massage

Day 3 (December 21, 2016) Blue Mosque, Nanamoon Firefly Tour

Day 4 (December 22, 2016) Kota Kinabalu -> Incheon

Local Unnie’s Tips:

  1. For local tour, contact either May or Qandra through Kakao talk. They do give discounts when you are in a group.May Kakao Talk ID: May19891205
    Qandra Kakao Talk ID: Qandra76
  2. For money exchange, I recommend it to be done in the Kota Kinabalu because they will give you a better offer. Therefore, bring minimal amount of MYR and have your money exchanged at Kota Kinabalu.
  3. For transporation, use uber! 🙂

I will be back with the details of my Kota Kinabalu Trip as soon as possible so watch out for my next post.



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