Seochon Resto : Nam Do Bun Sik

By Local Unnie

My initial plan was to eat katsudon at Donkatsu Salon located beside the House of Lee, Sang.  However, after eating too much egg tarts and sweets, my stomache felt bloated. Oh well, life doesn’t always go with the plan. If plan A fails, here comes the plab B. Hehe

My plan B was to eat “Squid filled with cheese and rigatoni tteokbokki” and “Fried squid wrapped in greens”. Unusual? Yes. It’s unusual to me too.

How to get there?:

  • From DO Flower Cafe, walk down the Okin-dong street. You will see Nam Do Bun Sik on your right.KakaoTalk_20170628_010503127.jpg

First, let’s take a look of the restaurant.


How kind? The resto provided ‘a guideline’ on making a reservation. To make a reservation, one should come in and list down the name/contact no./number of people.




Oh sun tteok (squid filled with cheese and rigatoni tteokbokki) was hot but my chopsticks were busy until I finished everything.

It was my first time to try a fried squid wrapped in greens. All you need to do is to put the fried squid together with the marinated onions in greens and eat it.


How did I find it? It was weird at first yet it was so addictive. Come and try the Jeollanam-do way of eating.

Have fun eating and traveling Korea!


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