Cafehopping: Cafe Gongjakso at Jeju Island

By Local Unnie

When you visit Jeju Island, there is a place you MUST visit. This place is hot among the soon-to-be newly weds and couples because of the photo zone. Well… For my case, I went there alone for an instagrammable shot.

Introducing Cafe Gongjakso at Saehwa Beach of Jeju Island.


Saehwa Beach


Friend reminder from your local unnie : Be sure to keep quiet cause this cafe aims to be a silent cafe.

Since my body really needed a caffeine and sugar, I had a cup of iced caramel macchiato. (The dilemma of having an early flight. huhu)


Hi, Jeju


IMG_1675If you are reading this review while in Jeju Island, visit Cafe Gongjakso and take a lot of instagrammable picture. You can take pictures at the photo zone for free but if you want to have a picture like below, you must order a drink per person.IMG_1681

Local Unnie’s Tip : I suggest traveling Jeju via rent car rather than commuting to save time.

Have Fun Traveling Korea! 🙂