Spring at Boryeong

By Local Unnie

When people heard of me going to Boryeong on a spring day of 2017, they all asked me “Why Boryeong on a spring day?”. I totally understand them since even myself didn’t expect of going there on a spring day. Boryeong is popular for its annual mud festival. There is a word mud before the festival and this means that people visit there in summer, NOT on a spring day. LOL

Despite of others see my plan to visit Boryeong as weird, I didn’t care. I just need to go there and hunt for a new tourist spot where people rarely visit.

So why Boryeong? First, because I love traveling via train. Second, I read an article about Cheong-so station by an accident.

How to get there?

  • From Yongsan station, take the train to Daecheon station. So easy right?

What to do?

Visit Sanghwawon located in Jukdo.
Jukdo is even not popular to Koreans. It is a private island with Hanok villages and Sanghwawon trails.img_2399.jpg

I did not expect cherry blossoms on a late April yet I was lucky enough to spot cherry blossoms throughout the tour.

How to get there?

  • From Daecheon station, ride a cab (041-931-9797) and tell the driver that you are going to Sanghwawon.

Operating Hours: 10AM – 5PM (Sat, Sun only from April to November; last admission: 4PM)

Admission: KRW 6,000

Take note that Sanghwawon is closed from December to March.

Map of Sanghwawon

Obligatory photo at the photo zone. 🙂According to the personnel of Sanghwawon, all trees and flowers within the island was grown up by themselves. No one actually planted the trees and flowers. How powerful our mother nature.This place was a perfect combination of Korean culture and the nature.The whole place was good enough to free myself from the busy life at Seoul.Fun fact. During my visit to Boryeong, I was interviewed and featured on a TV. Wow. 😮
Visit Daecheon Beach

The usual Daecheon Beach is full people with muds on their faces, music, and activities, which is totally different from the spring of Daecheon Beach. If you are a person like me, who loves to go to places with less people, visit Daecheon Beach on a spring/autumn/winter days!

What to eat and where to eat?

Along the coastal side of Daecheon Beach, there are a lot of sea food restos. Dishes being served are almost the same so just go in wherever you want. What was my pick during my visit to Daecheon? My pick was Mudrin Sashimi (머드린 횟집). Why Mudrin? Because of its course menu and atmosphere.

Need help on making train reservation?

Leave me your comment! Your local unnie will be glad to assist you. 🙂

Have fun eating and traveling.


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