Cafehopping: Afternoon Tea at Tieris

By Local Unnie

Koreans drink a cup of coffee after their meal. However, excessice caffeine intake is not good for the health. There are people tired of coffee culture. If then, why not try black tea? Black tea has only one-fourth caffeine of the coffee. The distinctive red color of the tea and the fragnance clams the mind of the drinker. Some people avoid black tea because of its taste but this is because they have picked a tasteless black tea or brewed too much. On a lazy Sunday afternoon, let’s go to the world of romance with a cup of tea.

Recently, ‘Afternoon Tea Set’, a gorgeous dessert menu, is gaining popularity in Korea. Afternoon tea is a traditional way of eating milk tea and cinnamon toast between lunch and dinner (usually between 4 pm and 5 pm) in England. The three-tier tray, which symbolizes the afternoon tea set, has a sandwich on the bottom, a scone on the second, and chocolate and macaroons on the third. Today, my friend and I went to a small tea house in Bangbae/Isu named Tieris.

How to get there? :
  1. From exit No. 11 of Sandang station, go straight
  2. Turn right at the fifth street and turn leftKakaoTalk_20170702_032233247

Before going there for an afternoon tea, making a reservation is a MUST. Tieris does not accept reservation on the day.

How to make a reservation?:

  1. Visit their official web site (
  2. Deposit KRW 34,000 (good for two, inclusive of VAT) Bank account / Woori Bank 1002-550-403770  (Woo, Sang Won)
  3. Make a reservation by filling out the below form available at the reservation tab.캡처.PNG

So let’s look around the cafe and the three-tier tray.

Have fun tea time! 😉



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