SeMA: Seoul Museum of Art

By Local Unnie

It was when the cold winter was about to end and the Spring was so near. People were fighting at Gwanghwamun for their rights while holding candles on their hands.  It was the first impeachment in the history of Korea. I lived in Seoul for almost two years, which means that I spent two busy seasons, yet I had no chance to visit SeMA. SeMA : Seoul Museum of Arts was not familiar to me cause I thought art isn’t my thing. With an invite from my colleague, I had the chance to visit and appreciated why people visit museums. I liked the feeling that I was isolated from the busy city.When I visit there last March, Renoir’s Images of Women were showing. For current exhibit visit their official site.

How to get there?:

  1. From City Hall station exit 10, go straight
  2. Turn right on the first street then walk straight until you see the entrance to SEMA on your right

We all know that photo taking is prohibited in the museum. Right? At SeMA, there are photo zones where you can take pictures but be aware that flash is not allowed.

Pretending as a Painter

Took a picture with the portrait of Renoir

Despite this was my first museum visit as an adult, I shall visit as much as possible. Is this sign of adulting? LOL If you love art, visit SeMA in Korea! 😉

Travel Korea like the local. Travel Korea with your one and only local unnie. 😉


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