Day 1: Spring of Jeju Island

By Local Unnie

Last April, I went to Jeju Island for 3 Days and 4 Nights. It was my first time to travel through Gimpo airport so I was a bit lost. Thank God I was able to board on time.KakaoTalk_20170702_002716919Since Jeju is an island, I was worried about the rain. Fortunately, there was no single raindrop during my visit.


Looking Jeju above the sky

KakaoTalk_20170702_002729748After having a short flight and getting my luggage, I went to Olleh Guksu (Olleh Noodles) for lunch.


Cherry blossoms all over the Jeju Island

Even though I went there late, there were so many people lining up for their turn. In my case, I waited for about 1.5 hours before eating their one and only menu.KakaoTalk_20170702_002733926


Gogi Guksu (Meat Noodles)

Starting the trip with a yummy food, I moved to Hamdeok beach. Hamdeok beach is a lovely and majestic beach with a lot of coffee shops and restaurants surrounded. If you go there, I suggest you to visit Cafe Del Mundo. At this cafe, you don’t need to order a drink. You can just go in to take a picture but be sure that your feet aren’t wet! Feel yourself right on the sea.


Hamdeok Beach

KakaoTalk_20170702_002744747After chilling at the Hamdeok Beach, I moved to Saehwa Beach for a cup of coffee.KakaoTalk_20170702_002747249KakaoTalk_20170702_002750285Even it was just day 1 of my trip, I fell in love with Jeju. Click Cafe Gongjakso for more details.

Local Unnie’s Tips:

  1. To save time, rent a car rather than commuting.
  2. Use guest house to save money and to have party at night!

Have Fun Traveling! 🙂


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