Jongro Resto: Le Bois

By Local Unnie

Le Bois, located near the steet of youth (젊음의 거리), is loved by the working peoeple around Jongro area for its affordable dishes. If you are looking for an Italian resto near Myeongdong/Jongro/Insadong, visit Le Bois.

How to get there?:

  1. From exit 4 of Jonggak station, turn right after the Olleh shop then turn right again.
  2. Go straight until you see the Le Bois tarpaulin.

If you see this tarpaulin, you’ve arrived in Le Bois.This restaurant has a classic interior. (I loved it so much.)

What to order? There is an English translation on the menu so it is up to you. 🙂

What did I get? I got the lunch set and ordered a lemon ade and sangria. Since there was a promo ongoing, we got a free pan of pizza!

Green Salad

Home made Hamburger Steak

Vongole Pasta



Have fun eating and traveling Korea! 🙂


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