Day 2: Spring of Jeju Island Part I

By Local Unnie

While preparing for my trip to Jeju, I was searching for a companion through Bytrain – a Naver cafe. Meeting someone new especially through online was really scary. Despite the time has changed, still we need a lot of courage. I was so lucky cause I met really good people at Jeju.

Day 2 was scheduled for Gapado Green Barley Festival. By mid-April, the green barley decorates Gapado, an islet 5.5 km away from Moseulpo Port of Jeju. 2017 Gapado Green Barley Festival was held for a month from April 8 until May 7. Be early to avoid running out of ticket since there are so many people going to Gapado during the festival. (Bring an identification card and KRW 13,000 for round trip ticket.) Since we ran out of ticket, we waited for two hours before getting into Gapado so we had a fast lunch and took some pictures at the Moseulpo Port.IMG_1714IMG_1730IMG_1771


Lunch at KRW 9,000

We had a 15-minute ship ride to Gapado. We rented a bike at KRW 5,000 (no time limit) since we were only given 2 hours to tour Gapado.

IMG_1785This is the Gapado filled with green barley you can see in mid-May. Beautiful right? I had an artsy picture. LOVETTE 🙂IMG_1814IMG_1819IMG_1809IMG_1793IMG_1815Aside from the green barley, you can ride the bike along the coastal lane and see the ocean. IMG_1830IMG_1879Now it is time to leave Gapado and move to Songaksan (Mt. Songak). Watch out for the next post!IMG_1916Have fun traveling Korea! 😀


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