Jamsil Resto: Kitchen Guell

By Local Unnie

At Jamsil station, there are a lot of places to eat. Since I do not have any preference, I decided to eat at any where that first comes on my way. It was my first time to try Kitchen Guell. The resto was newly opened in Jamsil so there were promos ongoing. The rest is locatedd at the food court of Jamsil station with an open kitchen. What to get?: Dishes might be usual to you but if I were to recommend… I recommend their steak, paella, and ricotta cheese salad.

Sangria was on 1+1 promo

Got this delicious ricotta cheese salad for free by ordering a steak!

Seafood Paella

Menu with English translation

Everything we ate cost KRW 46,000 (for 2 people). At beginning, we thought we won’t finish everything but what’s new? We finished almost everything. :3 Eating delicacies is the real fun.

Have fun eating! There are a lot more you can explore at Jamsil station. Share your favorite restaurant!


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