Day 2: Spring of Jeju Island Part II

By Local Unnie

We had no plan to visiting Songaksan (Mt. Songak). We just decided to go there with the recommendation coming from the restaurant owner. She told us that walking along the olle road of Mt. Songak will take only 30 minutes. At this olle road, she told us that we can observe Marado (Mara Island) and Gapa islet from the observation platform.

Spring of Jeju is popular for its bright-yellow rape flowers so don’t miss it! OKAY?!!IMG_1883I started the trekking with light steps. Unnie and I were busy taking photos while walking.DSC02727IMG_1915


Pretending as a demure girl


I was busy shooting.

I was happy until then. Looking at the Sanbangsan (Mt. Sanbang) from a far.DSC02757Thirty minutes has been passed and I started to rant about the never ending olle road. HAHA




Oh GOD… I still have to go afar. 😮

DSC02797Have you noticed something while going through the pictures? There are so many soon-to-be newly weds taking photos in Jeju Island.DSC02799DSC02812I was once happy upon reaching the observatory – watching the waive rise and feeling the wind. IMG_1904But OMG. Trekking is not yet ended. We walked another 30 minutes to finish the whole olle road. (I died. huhu) Overall, we took almost 2 hours.DSC02799DSC02817I was REALLY happy (not happy once) when I saw this road leading us back to the starting point of olle road.IMG_1908IMG_1914My day 2 of Jeju has been ended with the Sanbangsan (Mt. Sanbang). One more day to go before flying back to Seoul so watch out!IMG_1916


Have fun traveling Korea!


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