Jeju Resto: Jinju Restaurant

By Local Unnie

After our stay at the Backpakers, a guest house in Jeju Island, we went to Jinju Restaurant (진주식당).  This restaurant is popular among the people before/after going to Hallasan (Mt. Halla), a shield volcano and the highest mountiain in Korea. All I mentioned was overheard at the guest house.

How to get there?: Search 진주식당 in the navigation.Despite it was early morning, the restaurant was full with people looking for their special menu – abalone stew in a hot pot (전복 뚝배기). Special about this restaurant? Abalone stew in a hot pot comes with a meat! We ordered three abalone stew.img_1923.jpgimg_19271.jpgThere were a lot of seafoods – four abalones in one pot! We all had a great breakfast and we were all ready to start our last day in Jeju.

Have fun eating! Have fun traveling Korea!


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