Jeju Resto: Mackerel Sashimi at Geuriun Bada Seongsanpo

By Local Unnie

Salmon? Tuna? What is your favorite sashimi? I was not a fan of sashimi but nowadays I learned how to enjoy sashimi. Is this sign of adulting? Hope so not. When you go to guesthouse is Jeju, people will all talk about mackerel sashimi. They will tell you that it is the BEST and MUST TRY in Jeju. So I also tried it before going to Seongsan Inchulbong (성산일출봉) or Sunrise Peak in English. How does it taste? I expected it to be like fishy but it was really fresh.

Where was my pick?

I chose Geuriun Bada Seongsanpo (그리운 바다 성산포) or Good Old Sea Seongsanpo in English near the Seongsan Ilchulbong since it had the most reviews. Even the current President Moon, Jaein together with his wife visited this restaurant.


This resto only accepts orders for mackerel sashimi from two.


Mackerel Sashimi at KRW 14,000 per person

IMG_2028How to eat mackerel sashimi?


Put wasabi rice, mackerel sashimi soaked in soy sauce, and onions on a perilla leaf.



Sliced raw fish noodles at KRW 7,000

This was my first time to eat mackerel sashimi and I was really satisfied. I learned why people highly praise this special menu of Jeju Island. Try mackerel sashimi if you are in Jeju right now!


Have Fun Eating and Traveling Korea!


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