Cafehopping: Mug for Rabbit

By Local Unnie

There are so many Garosu-gil or tree-lined streets in English in Korea but when the locals say garosu-gil they are referring to the one in Sinsa-dong. This place is known to both locals and foreigners for its unique cultural tastes and artistic sensibilities.

Garosu-gil is an ideal place for going on a date, hanging out with friends, taking pictures, and film-making. If you like to walk, have a cup of tea, or just simply look around.

As I have mentioned above, this place is perfect to have a sip of coffee. After having dinner at Doga, I went for a cafehopping at Mug for Rabbit. Criteria for choosing where to go after having a dinner were as follows: 1. Desserts, 2. Ambiance, and 3. Closing time. Mug for Rabit met all of the above criteria. (Actually, after finding out their closing time – 12 mid night, I did not look for another cafe.)

How to get there?:

  1. From Sinsa station exit 8, walk straight
  2. Turn left at IBK bank and walk straight
  3. Turn right at Skinfood. You will see Mug for Rabbit on your right.

Mug for Rabbit was quiet and has three stories. I ordered their specialties – rabbit latte and carrot cake and looked around the cafe. It was simply decorated. I prefer simplicity over too much. See the rabbit on the signage. Isn’t it cute??Aside from the coffee and tea, they sell cookies, cakes, and CACTUS. Yes. You’ve read correctly. They are selling cactus too. 
Got my rabbit latte (there’s real rabbit on the latte.) and the carrot cake. Nomnom!
If you are looking for a place with silent atmosphere in Garosu-gil, visit Mug for Rabbit. ๐Ÿ˜€

Have fun eating and traveling Korea!


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