Day 3: Spring of Jeju Island Part I


By Local Unnie

Believe it or not. Last day has come. OMG. Please bring me back to Jeju. Last day in Jeju was cloudy yet thank God rain did not pour. To start the day, we first had our breakfast at Jinju restaurant. After having heavy breakfast, we went to Soesokkak – a famous landscape located at the mouth of Hyodoncheon as per request from unnie. Aside from the coastal views, there were activities kayaking and rafting yet nowadays there’re no more activities you can enjoy at Soesokkak.IMG_1934

I was so relaxed by just looking at the water. I don’t remember why I was so happy then. Do you see me laughing loud in the picture? Ehem. 🙂

After Soesokkak, while on our way to Seopjikoji we dropped by at Noksan-ro to take a picture with the rape flowers and cherry blossom. However, I was not able to see beautiful pink cherry blossom at Noksan-ro due to strong wind and rain before my travel dates but still I was able to see bright yellow rape flowers and take beautiful picture at the middle of Noksan-ro.DSC02837DSC02839Wish I could come back to Noksan-ro to take another picture with cherry blossom. Seopjikoji is located at the end of the eastern shore of Jeju Island. “Seopji” is the old name for the area, and “Koji” is Jeju dialect meaning a sudden bump on land. This place has been shooting place for K-dramas such as All In, My Girl, Mendorong Ttottot, and variety shows like Running Man. Funny thing happened behind Seopjikoji is that since we all wanted to rent a ninebot, we walked a lot up to the rental area but it was too expensive so we ended up with not renting it. Surpring part here was that we have to walk all the way back for us to get into the car. HAHA It was another diet moment in Jeju.IMG_2010IMG_2018IMG_2021I think this place would be better if the weather was sunny! I shall continue my day 3 in Jeju in my next blog post so watch out for it!

Have fun traveling Korea! 😀


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