Sinsa Resto: Doga

By Local Unnie
Rainy season has come. I really don’t hang out during these days because it is so humid and I hate the feeling I get when my feet get wet but this day I went all the way to Sinsa to meet Dahye unnie. We both love to eat so every time we meet, we look for resto we haven’t visited.

Doga is located in Sinsa-dong, a ward of Gangnam-gu in Seoul. This district is famous for its street with gingko trees called garosu-gil. Doga is popular for its fusion of traditional and foreign plates.

How to get there?:

  1. From exit no. 8 of Sinsa station, turn around and go straight
  2. Turn right at the Sinsa pharmacy
  3. Go straight the downhill until you see Doga on your right

The resto was full even though it was frustrating rainy Thursday after work. I thought that this place would be full of WOMEN but more than half of this resto was filled with MEN sharing their stories over soju. Here’s the menu of Doga. What to eat?:

Doga is popular for its Doga Hansang (도가한랑) so you must try this. I also added rose sujebi and strawberry ade.Seems a lot but above orders were good for two. Try the fusion way of eating Korean tranditional food at Doga!

Have fun eating! Have fun traveling Korea!


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