What to do in Korea? Try one day leather craft class

By Local Unnie

There are so much things to try in Korea. It is not limited to going around the shooting places, palaces, museums, etc. To give you a unique experience, I will bring you to the world of leather craft! I really love to make handicrafts such as DIY, calligraphy, ribbon art, origami, and many more. I always wanted to do a leather craft but there was always a conflict in schedule so I was not able to do it until the day I was picked for “TALK. PLAY. LOVE” program. What is Talk. Play. Love? It is a benefit program  of my company where the company gives KRW 50,000 per person for a one day class.

What will I make in the class? I decided to make a passport case! Why passport case? Because I love to travel. Hihi 

Where to make a passport case?

There a lot of leather craft shops offering one day class. Among so many shops, I chose “8 plus 8” because its passport case was simple yet chic.

How to get there?:

  1. From exit 3 of Nonhyeon station, walk straight
  2. Turn right at Subway
  3. Turn left at the play ground and walk a little bit. You will see the shop on your right.

We selected our leather before the class. I got the red one. From selecting, cutting, putting edge glue, hammering to tying, we did everything on our hands. Our class took about 3-4 hours.I am now ready to travel with my new passport case! Thanks to my Company for sponsoring this activity. There are other items you can make from bracelet, clutch bag, key chain, bag, etc. If you have inquiries on one day class, leave me a comment. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Experience something different from others! Have fun traveling Korea! 😀


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