Kota Kinabalu Day 1: Sapi Island, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Toscani, Handicraft Market, Filipino Market Part I

By Local Unnie

Escaping from winter, I finally arrived in Kota Kinabalu with my friend after midnight. We only had KRW 100,000 in Ringgit because we planned to get our money exchanged at the Malaysian airport but all the money exchange were closed!!!! It was a real OMG! We were in a panic but May helped us. He brought us to Wisma Merkeda before visiting Sapi Island. In Malaysia, taxi fare is cheap so if you are in group I recommend you to use uber. (From airport to our hotel, it cost 7 Ringgit.) We were both dead upon arriving at the hotel.

Before going to Sapi Island, we exchanged only minimum amount required for our island hopping (Island hoppping, parasailing, and scuba diving at 350 Ringgit per person) – KRW 200,000 at 756 Ringgit at Wisma Merkeda. After getting our money exchanged, we went to the dock. While waiting for our boat to arrive, I took some pictures.DSC02015DSC02016The weather was good enough to have water activities (since there is no sun) but it was not good to take pictures. Leaving the city behind, we arrived at the Sapi Island.DSC02026Details of fees are as follows:



Sapi Island


First, we had our parasailing then we went for scuba diving. Water seen on the ground was so clear but in the underground it was not clear. I had my first scuba diving but I was not able to see any fishes and colorful corals. The corals of Kota Kinabalu had dull colors but still it was a good experience. We also had lunch included in the tour. Do not expect too much on the dishes being served. Definitely, the dishes were not my taste.

In Sapi, I noticed the difference between the foreigners from the typical Koreans. When the foreigners do travel, they know how to CHILL unlike the Koreans who ALWAYS need to do something every single minute. See the Western people chilling.DSC02046After awhile, we left Sapi Island and went back to our hotel to take a bath before doing our afternoon activities.DSC02042Adios Sapi!


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