Book Review: Solve for Happy X Mo Gawdat

By Local Unnie

About the Author:

The author, Mo Gawdat, Chief Business Officer of Google X, presented a solution to happiness from the perspective of an engineer. The author succeeded remarkably in his field of business, but he still felt unhappy so he spent a lot of time on what happiness is in a scientific approach. In his 13 years of happiness research, he loses his beloved son due to sudden medical accident. To overcome this tremendous event, he wanted to make as many people happy as possible by spreading the happiness equation he has studied all over the world by writing this book.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

-Gloria Steinem

  • Happiness was not earned from the hard work. Moreover, it was not determined by external conditions.
  • Whatever we do for life is ultimately an attempt to find the feeling of happiness and to continue that feeling forever. But why is it hard to find the feeling of happiness? It is because we are looking for happiness in the wrong place.
  • As we grew up, we learned to postpone happiness and thought that happiness follows as we succeed.
  • Did you ever had an incident where you ran through all the places to look for the key and you realize that the key was just in your pocket all the time? Happiness is always there, in us. It is because human beings are designed as such from the beginning. In short, the default state of human being is the happiness.
  • You are happy if something happened to you are in line with your expectations or beyond your expectations. At least you are not unhappy.  There is a point to note here. What makes us unhappy is not the case itself. Happiness and unhappiness are determined by the way we think about the event. Happiness begins with a conscious choice.
  • Six illusions put us in a chaos. If we try to understand life on the basis of these illusions, nothing seems to make sense. Moreover, the seven blind spots  distubs our judgment about the actual appearance of life. As a result, the distorted image puts us in a swamp of unhappiness. If you want to eliminate those and to keep happiness steady, you must grab the five ultimate truths. By combining all these, a happiness model of 6-7-5 is created.
  • I struggled to control everything in the past, but failed and frustrated many times. One day, I realized that I could not control everything to the microscopic level. I can not control what I have to do, but I can control the how I should do the what I need to do. Find the way and look down. When we look down, we will realize how happy we are.

Like I have mentioned, happiness is in us. It is how you see the things.

Wishing all of the readers of this post to find happiness of their life. 🙂

Have a happy week!


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