How to Support Wanna One and Send A Fan Letter to Wanna One?

By Local Unnie

Well, I am actually not sure if I am allowed to do so but as a fan of Wanna One… I saw fans from abroad having difficulties in dealing with the official fan cafe at Daum since the texts are all in Korean. According to their official notice, there will be a staff in charge of handling the board for foreigners starting July 17, 2017 (Mon) but as of the moment there is no specific guideline on how to support and send a fan letter to your favorite artist. So here comes your local unnie who will help you!

How to send your fan letter / gift?:


  • (Member’s Name) 4F, 36, Noksapyeong-daero 26-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 04392, Republic of Korea


  • Don’t forget to write the name of the receiving member.
  • In case of shipping charges incurred, items will be returned.
  • If customs expense of receiving the EMS incur, all goods will be returned.
  • Be sure to avoid foods (cakes, cookies, etc.) and plants (such as flower beds, wreaths, etc.).

How to support Wanna One?:

① E-mail Title Format

Title : [서포트신청] YY.MM.DD(Name of Schedule) / Name of the Member / Person or Group requesting to support 

Example) [서포트신청] 17.00.00(M Count Down) / Kang, Daniel / Local Unnie


② E-Mail Body Format

– Name of the Group (Homepage Name) :

– Name of the Member receiving the support :

– Name of the Representative :

– Contact No. of the Representative :

– Desired Support Date and Time (List your 1st/2nd/3rd choices) :

※ All supports delivered to the Company will only be accepted on weekdays (Mon~Fri) excluding weekends and holidays either 11am-12nn or 2pm-6pm. (Choose 1)

– Support Item and Quantity (Fill this in detail) :

③ Send your support request e-mail

– E-mail address :

(Upon sending your e-mail, person in charge will call you via phone or reply back to your e-mail after checking the request.)$

Schedules allowed for meal support: Music show, recording show, radio, concert, fan meeting, and others.

All supports are not allowed for: festivals, regional events, training room, boarding house, private schedules, and others.

(For other schedules, contact their official e-mail address. Person in charge will get back to you ASAP.)

[Notes on Support Application]

  1. Only supports that has been negotiated with the person in charge and the representative for the support will be delivered. (Only team/person who received the contact from the person in charge can support.)
  2. Items unlisted on the application form will not be delivered.
  3. If there is a duplicate in the support application, whoever (neither an individual nor a group) is the first to apply will given the priority.
  4. Please make the delivery through quick service after coordinating with the person in charge.
  5. Support, which will require a signature on a certification from the staff or the person in charge, will not be accepted.
  6. All support application prior to official announcement of the schedule will be voided.
  7. All support, including birthday support, is available from 1 month before the date of delivery to until 2PM prior to the date of delivery. On the day support application is not available.
  8. Please be careful of the food support – be sure it is unspoiled. We do not return the food containers. Please use disposable items.
  9. In accordance with the Act on Prohibition against bribery and kickback charges of fraud conducted since last year, supports to a staff and support related official are not allowed.
  10. All support through e-mail will only be considered. Supports through station staffs, manager, relatives and officials are not allowed. Once there will be an incident incurs, the company will not be responsible for whatever things that may happen.

Wish my post on how to support and send a fan letter to your favorite artist will help you. If you have inquiries, feel free to leave me a comment. I will gef back to you ASAP.

Thank you for reading, co-Wannable! 🙂


10 thoughts on “How to Support Wanna One and Send A Fan Letter to Wanna One?

      • syaz says:

        Ohh because I am a fan of wanna one. To be honest this is the first k-pop group that I honestly fall for. So feeling the need to thank them for what they’ve done which is making me get out of depression and see the bright side of things.

        Okay than i’ll try by posting a letter *hoping they will get them*

        thank you ever so much ❤


  1. ruhina Ghassan says:

    Thank you for the address but can you confirm it if it is their true address. Actually i’m confused because it’s my first time sending someone a letter overseas..


  2. Sukritee says:

    Thank you Unnie this information is really helpful as I need to thank them for giving me a new life. One question when we post the letter in fancafe its not sure if they will read it or not right ?


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