Wanna One Premier Show-Con Ticket Open Guide

From Wanna One Official Cafe at Daum

On August 7, 2017, something bigger and never done in the history of K-POP is coming. Wanna One, the boy group consisting of the top 11 finalists from “Produce 101 Season 2”, will be finally making their official debut.
First-of-Its-Kind “Show-Con” Event (Showcase + Concert) in Korea! Wanna One will be the first idol group to make the biggest debut performance. (As of Aug. 2017)

Check out Wanna One’s powerful performances and debut tracks for the very first time at <Wanna One Premier Show-Con>

Let us all show love and support for Wanna One’s debut stage!

Concert Information:

  • Title|Wanna One Premier Show-Con
  • Date|August 7, 2017 8PM (Mon)
  • Venue|Gocheok Sky Dome
  • Ticket Price| KRW 33,000
  • Ticket Sales|Interpark

Ticket Sales Schedule:

  • Fanclub Pre-Ticket Open : July 12 (Wed) 20:00 ~ 23:59 (KST)
  • General Admission Ticket Open : July 13 (Thu) 20:00 (KST)

Fanclub Pre-Open Ticket Sales:

  • Fanclub Pre-Ticket Open : July 12 (Wed) 20:00 ~ 23:59 (KST) 2017
  • Only the members of Wanna One Official Fan club are allowed to reserve tickets in advance.
  • To purchase the pre-open ticket, you must sign in INTERPARK (The ID should be same as what you signed up for Wanna One Official Fan club)
  • If you’ve already signed in Korean online site of Wanna One Official Fan club, you can only purchase concert ticket in Korean online site for ‘Wanna One Premier Show-Con’
  • If you’ve singed in Global online site of Wanna One Official Fan club, You can only purchase concert ticket in Global online site (ENG, CHN, JAP) for ‘Wanna One Premier Show-Con’.
  • Pre-Ticket Open will be lasting from July 12 (Wed) 20:00 ~ 23:59 (KST)
  • Each person can purchase only 1 tickets during pre-sale.
  • Anyone who purchases pre-open ticket can also purchase additional tickets during ‘General Admission Ticket’.
  • The ticket purchase will be cancelled automatically unless the payment is not finished within the due date.

General Admission Ticket Sales:

  • General Admission Ticket Open will be on July 13 (Thu) 20:00 KST.
  • Each person can purchase 2 tickets. (Including Fanclub pre-open ticket)
  • If you purchased 1 ticket during pre-open ticket sales, you can purchase only 1 more tickets during General Admission Ticket Sales.

Tickets for Wanna One Premier Show-Con will only be available through Interpark Ticket. Tickets purchased from an individual, or from other agencies cannot be refunded and will be considered invalid or taken into legal action.

In case of the above, purchaser will solely be responsible for any disadvantage or damage caused regarding ticket reservations.

We inform that our promoters, organizers, and official ticket agency are not responsible for any tickets that are purchased through other routes besides Interpark Ticket.


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