Kota Kinabalu Day 1: Sapi Island, Suria Sabah Shopping Mall, Toscani, Handicraft Market, and Filipino Market Part II

By Local Unnie

We were so hungry from what we had at Sapi Island so we went to Korean grocery before going to our hotel. (You can ask May to drop you at Korean grocery.) I ate cup noodles after taking a bath. Unfortunately, I spilled the cup noodles on my thigh. OMG. It was super HOT!!! 😮 Thank God I did not get burnt. So guys, be careful when you travel. We went back to Wisma Merkeda to get our money all exchanged (We exchanged KRW 250,000 at 947.50 Ringgits at Gaya Money Changer.)  then went to Suria Sabah Shopping Mall.DSC02061Don’t miss to take a photo at the LOVE statue right in front of this mall. Even though there is no winter in this country, it seems like having a white Christmas with the decors. Sale was ongoing maybe because it is Christmas season. I stayed so long at the Coach because I liked one of their bags.

You know what? First day in Kota Kinabalu was my birthday so I had a not intended small birthday celebration at Toscani. The best scenery you can enjoy at Toscani is the sunset.

We ordered mango lassi, milk shake, sizzling tiger prawn, steak, cream paella, and tiramisu.

To digest all the carbs intake, we went to the Filipino market and handicraft market. These markets were walking distance so we did not need to take a cab. However, most of the shops were closed since we arrived a bit late at the handicraft market.

Day 1 at Kota Kinabalu was ended with a body massage at Blue Lagoon. 🙂DSC02147



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