Vote for Your Match. Voting for Wanna One Go is Ongoing

By Local Unnie

Voting for Wanna One’s first reality program entitled ‘Wanna One Go’, which is scheduled on August 3 (7:45PM KST), has been started after Mnet releasing the official website.


‘Wanna One Go’ will capture the members who will be together for the whole day. Selected members are not allowed to get apart from each other more than a meter. As Wanna One is about to debut with the people’s choice, same thing goes also with this reality show. Who’re your picks? It’s time to vote your favorite combination! Match-up two Wanna One members that will not go more than 1 meter apart from each other for one day.  Voting is open until July 12, 2017 11:59PM KST so hurry up guys! You can vote everyday (one vote per day per ID though)!

How to vote?:

The site is in English too a.k.a. this voting is open to international fans. For those who want to see how the voting process is done, here it goes. (Yes, I personally voted my favorite picks. Hihi)

  1. Go to the Wanna One Go mission site.
  2. Log in. If you are new, you can sign in through SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, and Kakao Talk. For my case, I used my Facebook account to signin.KakaoTalk_20170712_020435390KakaoTalk_20170712_020435573
  3. After logging in, Step 1: Agree with Terms of UseKakaoTalk_20170712_020436733
  4. Step 2: Fill out the personal information.KakaoTalk_20170712_020439552
  5. Step 3: Optional (You can just click “Next”) and your sign up is done!KakaoTalk_20170712_020438743KakaoTalk_20170712_020438296
  6. Vote for your Match! I voted for Kang, Daniel and Ong, Seongwu.KakaoTalk_20170712_020439306

    Easy right? So Wannables, what are you waiting for? Vote now!


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