Book Review: The Upside of Stress X Kelly McGonigal

By Local Unnie

About the Author:

Kelly McGonigal is a popular psychology instructor who received an award from the Stanford University.  Through her numerous lectures and book publications, she is currently preaching to the public on how to control stress and make positive life changes. In particular, the lecture on the science of willpower, which became the basis of this book, clearly analyzes the factors influencing self-control through recent research data in psychology, brain science, and behavioral economics. This lecture covers a large topic by suggesting a systematic strategy and training method for 10 weeks to develop willpower, the ability to control emotions, appetite, and behavior. The author currently runs a blog on the science of willpower in the American psychological magazine called <Psychology Today>.

Life is not fundamentally toxic. Our source of stress is almost always our source of meaning.

Kelly McGonigal

  • Change your view on stress. Don’t be frustrated with the situation. The influence on us depends on how we think about it.
  • Human being has a natural instinct and ability to understand the suffering that was encountered. It is part of the physiological response to stress, but it also appears in the form of self-reflection. Living a less stressful life does not make you ALWAYS happy as you think.
  • Face the stress and belive that it is your energy! It is a natural desire to avoid anxiety but believe that it is not a stumbling block but a resource.
  • Your perspective creates a new world. We grow through stress. Determining to see a positive side in one of your most painful experiences is thw only way to embrace stress and transform it.

Starting yesterday, I have been suffering from an overtime (OT). I was not only busy with the work. I had to go to the gym to have a pilates class, watch a variety show, and make a blog posting while saying that I was so stressed. Through this book, I shall take the stress I will be facing as a challenge to make be a better person in the future.

What we choose for today, we choose for ourselves tomorrow.

Kelly McGonigal

Have a good day/night! 🙂


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