Kota Kinabalu Day 2: Promenade Hotel, Buga, Pacific Sutera, and Breeze Beach Club

By Local Unnie

This was the most stressful day of the trip. I have experienced a sudden hell and heaven in this day. I will explain it as I go through the what really happened on my day 3 at Kota Kinabalu. My friend is a person who needs to eat Korean food every time she travels abroad. Supposedly, this day was scheduled for a lunch at Korean resto and have a Nanamun fireflies tour and the next day was scheduled as a rest day at the hotel. We dropped by at the swimming pool to have an occular. Everything seems good – the sky, the water, and the ambiance. Throughout our stay in Kota Kinabalu, we stayed at Promenade Hotel. Choosing Promenade was a BEST decision. Almost all of the places we’ve wanted to visit were accessible by walk. (I booked through Booking.com)

DSC02149DSC02150Take a look at the hotel’s lobby. It was decorated with Christmas trees.

Beside the Toscani, where I had a birthday dinner, is the Buga – a Korean restaurant. After eating Korean food, the owner chatted me about different things to the point where we talked about our flight going back to Korea. OMG! My flight going back to Korea was not 1PM (13:00). It was 1AM (01:00). I was so thankful for not missing my flight back to Korea but at one side I was stressed to change the plans and cancel 1 of our days of stay at Promenade. Luckily, we were able to solve everything. We had to make an international call to contact the Booking.com.

Sudden rain came and the bright sky



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