Kota Kinabalu Day 3: Licas Mosque, Rampayan River Cruise, and Nanamun Fireflies Tour

By Local Unnie

Last day at Kota Kinabalu came. At that moment, I really didn’t want to go back to Korea to face the reality (but I have to so that I could save up money for my future travels). Through this travel, I have learned that the human being are created with an ability to solve when they face a problem. I reserved a Nanamun fireflies tour to May at 100 Ringgits per person. The tour includes sightseeing at Licas Mosque, Rampayan River Cruise, Nanamun Fireflies, and food.

Tour bus picked us around 2:00PM. First stop was Licas Mosque. We just dropped by at the Licas Mosque to take a picture of the so-called Blue Mosque of Kota Kinabalu. Blue Mosque seemed so magnificent.DSC02323After the photo taking, we traveled about 1.5 hours to Rampayan River to observe proboscis monkeys. We were given some snacks and tea/coffee before riding the cruise.DSC02329DSC02331We started sailing around the Rampayan River to look for proboscis monkeys. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to see any single monkey while sailing. The day was getting dark little by little.

Kota Kinabalu is also famous for its sunset. We always missed to see the sunset until we had this tour. This tour also has the time to see the beautiful sunset of Kota Kinabalu.캡처

After taking several photos with the sunset, we had dinner but we did not get the food provided in the tour. Instead, we ate cup noodles. Take a look at the foods included in the tour.

After the dinner when it is really dark, we move to Nanamun to start the fireflies tour. I was not able to took pictures since cameras are not allowed. Enjoy the tour with your eyes only but one thing I can tell you is that I strongly recommend to have this tour at least once in your life time. It was my first time to see the fireflies that much. It was like stars on the universe or like the lights in the Christmas tree. Beautiful and mysterious will define my experience.


Source: Google Image

Ending my last day with an amazing experience that I have evidenced through my eyes only, it is time to go back to reality.


Thank you Kota Kinabalu! Adios 2016! Hello 2017!


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