Okinawa June 2017: Pre-flight Preparation

By Local Unnie

Since I lived in the Philippines for so long, I have been inviting my colleagues to the Philippines but it was not pushed through due to conflict of schedule. Instead, I  visited the Philippines with different types of people last year. Why different types? Because they do not have anything in common aside from ME. (I shall post on my trip to the Philippines soon)

In the field where I belong, people usually get burnout due to workloads. We need time to refresh ourselves. It was sometimes second week of February where we had a farewell party for our one of the colleagues. (He was going to the army) One of the colleagues asked me.

“Sooyoung, can you bring us to the Philippines and tour around sometimes in May?”

“Yes, of course but before I have to check Denden’s schedule.”

This was how it started. Okinawa trip was originally Cagayan de Oro, Philippines trip. Everything was so smooth until the Martial Law has been declared in Mindanao. We talked all together on how are we gonna do.

“Are we still pushing through the trip despite of Martial Law and the IS roaming Mindanao area or not?”

My answer was “Philippines is living a normal day according to my friends in the Philippines. I am worried of the WHAT IFS that may arise.”

We cancelled our trip – a week before our departure.

I considered of pushing it through but knowing that I won’t be able to enjoy the activities as much as I could with a heavy heart. Furthermore, I do not want the families in Korea to worry about us.

From Philippines to Okinawa. I only had less than a week to prepare for everything.

Bought the plane ticket to Okinawa in all sudden


Plane Ticket: KRW 408,100 (about USD 360), Asiana Airlines for 1 person

Plane ticket was expensive thant the usual but considering the time and travel period, it was reasonable. After finalizing the travel dates, I was able to plan the details of the trip.

Reserved a rent carKakaoTalk_20170715_171133997Since we were a group of 5, I reserved WA Class (1500~2000cc) good for 8 people through Timon.

  • Rent car: KRW 369,000 (about USD 325) for 3D 4N (exclusive of gasoline)
  • Insurance: JPY 4,000 (about USD 35) for 3D 4N

– Total Transportation Fee: KRW 409,404 (KRW 81,881 per person)

Booked the hotel


Community & Spa Naha Central Hotel


Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa

Since we were planning to travel from South to North, we moved our hotel from one place to another depending on our last stop for the day.

  • Community & Spa Naha Central Hotel (May 31~June 1) KRW 342,345 (JPY 34,202/about USD 304)
  • Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa (June 1~2) KRW 644,035 (JPY 64,000/about USD 570)
  • Community & Spa Naha Central Hotel (June 3~4) KRW 391,252 (JPY 38,880/about USD 346)

– Total Accommodation Fee: KRW 1,377,632 (KRW 275,526 per person)

Reserved the Scuba Diving캡처– Total Leisure Expenses : JPY 90,000 (JPY 18,000 per person)

Since the main purpose of this trip was to do water sports such as scuba diving, jet ski, snorkeling, and parasailing. I made a reservation through Kaizar Marin Club. I reserved B course (with 1 scuba diving and unlimited snorkeling) and added parasailing and jet ski for everyone.

  • B Course: JPY 8,000 (about USD 71)
  • Parasailing: JPY 7,000 (about USD 62)
  • Jet ski: JPY 2,000 (about USD 18)
  • Rental fee: JPY 1,000 (about USD 9)

I am not a swimmer and a water-loving person but I do love to do the activities. 🙂

Planned the details of the trip

Day 1

  • Arrival at the Okinawa
  • Get the rent car
  • Lunch at Cafe Crucuma (Map Code: 232562861*33) “Taste the Thai in the Sky”
  • Okinawa World (Map Code: 232495332*86)
  • Check-in at Community & Spa Naha Central Hotel (Map Code: 33157655*15)
  • Dinner at Sam’s Steak

Day 2

  • Manzamo (Map Code: 206282879*14) – shooting place for It’s Okay, That’s Love, a Korean Drama featuring Jo, In-sung, Gong, Hyo-jin, Lee, Kwang-soo, and Sung, Dong-il.
  • Kowuri Bridge for sightseeing and lunch
  • Orion Beer Factory (Book your reservation not more than 3 months from your date of visit)
  • Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (Map Code: 553075768*42)
  • Check-in at Vessel Hotel Campana Okinawa (Map Code: 33525353)
  • Sightseeing at American Village
  • Dinner at Hama Sushi

Day 3

  • Scuba diving
  • Check-in at Community & Spa Naha Central Hotel (Map Code: 33157655*15)
  • Shopping and Dinner at Nasa Kokusai Dori

Day 4

  • Back to Incheon

Sometimes, I do want to travel without planning but I think it is just me that I have to plan ahead. Before finalizing everything, I was so stressed and had little sleep to look for where to go, how to go, what to eat (must to eat), and where to sleep while considering the budget. I have been traveling a lot recently without thinking of the budget but I do believe that it is still okay because I have more time to work and earn money.

So many things happened until the last-minute where one of my colleagues who was part of this travel was diagosed with tuberculosis. He said:

“I just found out that I have tuberculosis. I really want to go but it is up to you guys to allow me to join this trip.”

I am a YES man. I do say NO rarely. It is hard but for the good of everyone joining the trip I had to say No.


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