Book Review: Winning Without Losing X Martin Bjegeggard & Jordan Milne

By Local Unnie

Most of the people wants to be successful. Success may be defined differently from one person to another. This may be a success coming from the business, family, friends, within self, or something else. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, these people are just two of the many people we looked up to. We looked up to these people because they have been succesful in their own different ways – career, wealth, honor, fame, etc. The question is how they become successful? Is hardwork alone enough to make them successful? If you have these questions in mind, it’s time for you to look at the cases in the book entitled “Winning Without Losing”. 

About the authors:

Martin and Jordan aren’t the usual writers. They are both serial entrepreneurs, startup enthusiasts, and life maximizers. 

Martin has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He worked of Mckinsey and currently, he is a co-founder of the innovative start-up ‘factory’ Rainmaking, which has achieved two multi-million dollar exits, a portfolio of 8 successful start-ups with a total of 50 million dollars in annual revenues.

Jordan is a co-founder of and an advisor to He is a member of The Sandbox Network, the foremost global community of extraordinary young achievers below 30, and is one of nine students from around the world to receive a Diploma in Entrepreneurship from the University of Cambridge.

As they do not believe in the myth that being an entrepreneur requires you to sacrifice most other aspects of life, they searched on the role models who became successful  without sacrificing their personal pleasures and came up with this book.

Rules for Happiness:

Something to Do, Someone to Love, Something to Hope for.

– Philosopher Immanuel Kant

  • Timing matters. Right timing is uncontrollable by human being. To succeed, one should not go too much ahead of the needs of its consumers but how do you know of it? No one knows. No one can give an answer to it. There is no exact time. Those who succeeded also did not know about it but they had the guts so when the opportunity comes near they grabbed it and turn them into a success.
  • To grab an opportunity means, identify, analyze, and pay attention to your consumers. I always say that human beings are given equal chances to grab an opportunity but only few recognize it and turn them into a success. Why only few? Because only those people who grabbed their opportunity were ready at that time and paid attention to the surrounding.
  • Law of Conservation of Success: A person who succeeded by him/herself won’t fail unless there is an external factor.
  • Self-confidence and optimism aren’t the rewards given to the people who succeeded. These must developed first before becoming a successful person.
  • 8-8-8 Principle states that divide your day into 3. Use each 8 hours of the day to work, sleep, and do what you want. Output is not proportional to the number of hours you put into. It depends on the ability to use the time efficiently.

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