Okinawa Day 1: Cafe Curcuma, Okinawa World, Community & Spa Naha Hotel, Nasa Kokusai Dori, Sam’s Steak

By Local Unnie

As many things happened just before the actual flight, this vacation leave was a big stress. Well, I know in my mind that I should learn how to handle a stress as mentioned in the book entitled “The Upside of Stress” but applying what I have read from the book in the reality is hard and complicated. When the Martial Law was declared in the Philippines, I thought I am not pushing through traveling abroad. Despite all the troubles, I left Korea on May 30th and headed to Okinawa, Japan.


Before leaving Korea, we were all saying that “Hopefully, it won’t rain.” but as we landed raindrops started to pour. Huhu. 😦

“I want to eat delicious foods in Japan.” This was the travel goal of one of my colleagues. To make his wish come true, we have went to must to eat places and ate the must to eats in Okinawa throughout the whole trip.


Cafe Curcuma, Okinawa, Japan

“Are we really eating Thai dishes in Japan?”

“Yes, we are really going to Cafe Curcuma. This place is not only famous for its dishes but for its wonderful view, too. You guys will definitely love it.”

Despite the sky was gloomy, the view was still beautiful. We have ordered the following dishes:

  • Curcuma Special Curry Set: JPY 1,570 (USD 14)
  • Soft Shell Crab with Curry Powder: JPY 1,550 (USD 14)
  • Pattai (Thai Fried Noodles): JPY 1,140 (USD 10)
  • Kao-Pad Saparod (Fried Rice with Pineapple): JPY 1,140 (USD 10)

If you are looking for a restaurant with a good view and delicious dishes, visit Cafe Curcuma. Cafe Curcuma is open from 10:00 ~ 21:00 (Last Order 20:00) but for Tuesday it is open from 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Last Oder 17:00).


Lawson Convenience Store

Most of the bloggers and people went to Japan said that “If you go to Japan, you should try the foods in the convenience store.”

At first, my reaction was “What? Convenience store? Are you sure? Why should I taste the food sold at the convenience store?” I have been expecting a typical convenience store food but I was wrong. Convenience store in Japan was just LOVE.

You will understand what I mean by getting the food at convenience store.DSC02910“When you go abroad, you must visit the folk village to understand the history and the culture of the place.”

Okininawa World is a theme park in Nanjo. It is known for its massive natural cave, a craft village, and a snake museum. Okinawa, where the unique Ryukyu Kingdom florished from the olden times. In Okinawa World, you will find the vibrant traditional artifacts and culture. Take your time to make your own crafts in Traditional Crafts Village. Explore Gyokusendo, a stunningly beautiful limestone cave grown on a coral reef, and enjoy heroic Eisa dance and Habu vs Mongoose Show.

It is open throughout the year and take note of the business hours.

  • 9:00AM ~ 6:00PM (last admission at 5:00PM)

In my case, we bought the cave and kingdom village package at JPY 1,240 (USD 11) per person.


Community & Spa Naha Central Hotel

“I do not want to use too much on the accommodation since most often we will stay out.” All of my colleagues agreed with me so they gave me the right to make reservations in Okinawa, Japan. Traveling buddies really do matter. If they do not match your travel style, you will have troubles throughout the trip instead of enjoying it.

For the review on this hotel, check on my previous post.KakaoTalk_20170716_153550254City night of Okinawa was a bit similar to Seoul but different in a way that it had less people. Nasa Kokusai Dori was like Myeongdong. Everywhere I go, I saw foreigners like myself roaming around the street.IMG_4143Sam’s Steak is also a famous restaurant among the tourists and the locals. It is located along the Nasa Kokusai Dori right in fron of Don Quixote Mall. The chef will cook your steak right in front of you. Enjoy the cooking show and the food. During our visit the owner gave us free ice cream. YUM YUM

People find me weird when they found out that I am traveling with my officemates but I do not find anything weird in it. The mere fact that I like them and I enjoy staying with them makes everything OKAY. Do not afraid of how others will find you. You are living your life. Others won’t live your life. 🙂


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