Cagayan de Oro, Philippines August 2016: Pre-flight Preparation

By Local Unnie

Born in Korea, raised in the Philippines, and now I am back in Korea.

Past few months before I went on a vacation to Cagayan de Oro, Philippines, my life in Korea was not as ideal as I have imagined. Getting a job was not as easy I have thought. Fortunately, I was able to go to the company I always dreamt of. Despite the work was not the same as I have imagined, I love what I do. Moving on to my first vacation, I decided to go back to Cagayan de Oro with my friends from Korea.

Why Cagayan de Oro?

Boracay, Cebu, Manila, and etc. are the popular ones a.k.a there are a lot of Koreans. Everywhere you go, you will see Koreans. I wanted to go to somewhere not familiar to the Koreans. I wanted to them to experience the beauty of the nature of the Philippines so I thought of going back to the most unforgettable place I have been to while I lived in the Philippines and that it Cagayan de Oro. Take a look of my visit to Cagayan de Oro back in 2014. [CDO_2014]

Booked the Flight.

To get to Cagayan de Oro, stop over at either Manila or Cebu is a must. There is no direct flight going to CDO. For my case, I stopped over at Manila. We decided to use Cebu Pacific to avoid the hassle during the stop over.


Since we were invited to Denden’s house, we did not spend on the accommodation. This saved a lot since most often accommodation takes a big portion of expenditures of travelling.

Planned the details of the trip

Day 0 Incheon->CDO

Day 1 Arrival at CDO, Xavier Estate, and Massage

Day 2 Duka Bay Resort and Dine at High Ridge

Day 3 Dahilayan Adventure Park

Day 4 Rafting

Day 5 CDO -> Incheon

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