Okinawa Day 3: Kaizar Marine Club, Danbo Ramen, Double Decker

By Local Unnie

I have been busy lately and my wifi at home did not work so I was not able to make a new post. Yesterday, it rained so hard in Seoul like there was a big hole in the sky. Hope everyone in Korea were safe.캡처“I am not a swimmer. Therefore, I am afraid of the water but why I do scuba diving every time I go on a beach?”

“I go on a scuba diving because I love the feeling that I am isolated from the busy life and I can only hear my breath.”

However, I do not have any plans of doing it as my hobby to the level I will get a diver’s license. My boss kept forcing me to get one but as of the moment I won’t get the license cause I am still afraid of the water.

Instead of putting ourselves in a hassle, we wanted everything to be done in one place. I made a reservation from Kaizar Marine Club since this place offered different water sports from scuba diving, parasailing, to jet ski. However, the weather was so bad so we were not able to do the parasailing and jet ski. To see more photos of my scuba diving experience, please refer to the Kaizar Marine Club’s official blog.IMG_4794Instead of going straight to the hotel, we decided to have some hot ramen. We went to the Danbo Ramen in Naha. Since this restaurant is popular among locals and foreigners, despite of the rain there were people lining up. To give you a tip, it will take long so don’t ever ever go there when your tummy is empty. You will feel extra hungry. We’ve waited more than an hour to get into the resto. Food was served immediately upon presenting the tickets purchased from the vendo machine. “If you are in Japan, you MUST eat ramen.” It was worth the wait.IMG_4816Eating delicious delicacies of the places I have visited is a must so I looked for a restaurant which serves taco rice. I think I have expected too much on the taco rice at Double Decker because taste was not as good as I have expected. It is the usual taste that you can imagine of but it is worth to try for once!

My last night at Okinawa has been ended. After coming back to Korea, a lot of things happened to me. Emotionally, I had some hard time but I was able to overcome by starting this blog. To think about it, there were ups and downs in my life and I will be facing more ups and downs in life. With the ups and downs, I will grow into a better person. If you guys are reading this post and having hard times in life, I strongly say that hard time will pass away. Stay strong and overcome that hardship. You will be proud of yourself. 🙂

Have a good night everyone!


2 thoughts on “Okinawa Day 3: Kaizar Marine Club, Danbo Ramen, Double Decker

  1. Louise Ramos says:

    Fighting unnie! 🙂 I tried scuba diving once and couldn’t go deep, haha. I love the water and swimming but I guess scuba diving’s not for me. I kept floating and I’m kind of panicking thinking what if the air just stops working. Still want to try it again though, and maybe next time, I’ll improve.

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush


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