Yeouido Han River Park

By Local Unnie

Hot summer has been come and people chill out there during night time. I wonder if those people who go there during night time are really chilling cause it is still hot after sunset. I usually went to Yeouido for work so I really had no idea on visiting Yeouido for a picnic. It was the autumn of 2016 when I first visited the Han River Park not because of the work.

Visit Han River Park by getting out of Yeouinaru station (violet line).

How to enjoy the Han River Park?:

  1. Bring a picnic map with you! Take a sit and feel the wind. By bringing a lunch box filled with fruits, kimbop, and others, you will enjoy Han River more than 100%.DSC01445Try the noodles, the most popular must to eat in Han River.
  2. Enjoy the beautiful views of Han River by riding a bike. You may bring your own bike or you may rent it in the park. Single bike rental is available at KRW 3,000 per hour (additional KRW 500 every 15 minutes).
  3. Enjoy the night of Han River.DSC01469There is a Dokkebi night market happening at Han River Park every Friday and Saturday night from March 24 to October 29. There are food trucks and booths selling handicraft items. Furthermore, there are buskings happening at Han River Park.


At first, I have thought that it was just an ordinary busking happening in Han River but it was not just an ordinary one. This busking that I have watched last Autumn was a surprise propose. The guy wanted to give an unforgettable memory to his girl friend on her last birthday as twenties. Being loved by someone you love is a gift and it is something that you should really thanks for. I think that this surprise has worked since they both had an idea of getting married with each other. If it was one way, I don’t think that the girl had accepted the propose. Obvious right?

Half of 2017 has been passed. I hope everyone who read this review will find their true love soon. 🙂

Good night World!


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