Cafehopping: D.Margarita, Bangbae

By Local Unnie

Long time no post. August was real hell. I have been busy with reports for two weeks and travelling Vietnam.

Right after coming back from Vietnam, I went out for an appointment with my partner-in-crime for another afternoon tea at Bangbae, Seoul, South Korea. It was my first time to visit Bangbae in my two years of stay in Seoul. From exit 1 of Bangbae station, we took a cab to go to the cafe. Tell the driver to go to Seoul High School.It was rainy Sunday afternoon. Seems like the sky was reflecting my mood that I do not want to go to work tomorrow but I had no choice but to work for more trips in the future. Take a look around the cafe. It was well decorated with pastel colors, flower patterns, dry flowers, etc.To order an afternoon tea set, reservation two days before the actual visit is a must. For my case, I was not able to order the full set. Instead, I got a semi-afternoon tea set and it was still so good. 🙂

A sip of tea with some sweets were good enough to end my summer vacation.


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