Hotel Review: Signature Ha Long Cruise, Vietnam

By Local Unnie

The most exciting part of my visit to Vietnam was the luxury cruise. I reserved the cruise through Signature Ha Long cruise offered round trip ride from Hanoi to Ha Long from USD 30-40 per person. I got the luxury shuttle which cost USD 40 per person. The cruise also offers private service too. After the 4 hour travel from Hanoi and waiting, we finally aboarded on the cruise. Cold watermelon juice welcomed us.This was the dinning room of the cruise.This was our room for a day – the senior suite room with a terrace. This was taken at the terrace before the departure. Thank God the weather was good to have an outdoor activities.Staying overnight in the cruise might be very boring if you are an adventurer. Take note of that there is no wifi when the cruise sails afar from the land. Bring a pocketbook or download some movie/drama so you won’t get bored at the cruise. The cruise offered activities and massage service. It is all up to you – whether to join the activities or not. For my case, I missed the cooking class and the morning activity.I shall be back with more details of the activities.

Have a nice day! It’s TGIF!


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