Cebu X Bohol September 2017: Pre-flight Preparation

By Local Unnie

“Should I go somewhere?” or “Should I rather stay in Korea to save up?”

The dilemma to leave or to not leave began as I found out that a lot of my colleagues filed for a vacation leave during Chuseok (similar to Thanks giving season of Western). Answer was already given as I had a dilemma on my mind. “I decided to leave.”

But where?

Due to the long holiday, ticket price doubled. It was difficult for me to look for a cheap flight ticket and the least expensive one that I found was a ticket going to Cebu. It might be a bit expensive than the usual but considering that I am leaving on the peak season it was not bad.

Booked the flight.


Plane Ticket: KRW 503,500 (about USD 446), Philippine Airlines for 1 person

Booked the hotel


Waterfront Airtport Hotel & Casino, Mactan


The Bellevue Resort, Bohol


Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Since I was traveling from Cebu to Bohol and out at Cebu, I booked three hotels mentioned above.

  • Waterfront Airtport Hotel & Casino, Mactan (Sept. 28 ~ 29) KRW 227,021 (PHP 12,300/USD 246)
  • The Bellevuew Resort, Bohol (Sept. 29 ~ Oct. 1) KRW 764,368 (PHP 34,400/USD 677)
  • Plantation Bay Resort and Spa (Oct. 1 ~ 3) KRW 1,269,700 (PHP 56,376/USD 1,127.5)

Booked the tour

  1. Booked 3-in-1 water sports package and Oslob whaleshark tour at PHP 2,990 per person (KRW 66,438/USD 59) and PHP 3,445 per person (KRW 76,548/USD 68), respectively through Travel Bookings Philippines.
  2. Booked firefly tour and Cebu city tour at PHP 1,860 per person (KRW 46,500/USD 37) and PHP 1,826 per person (KRW 45,668/USD 37), respectively through Cebu trip – a Korean agency. I recommend a booking through local agency since it is much cheaper.
  3. Booked Bohol country tour and island hoping PHP 1,700 per person (KRW 42,500/USD 34) through a local agency.

Planned the details of the trip

Day 1

  • Arrival at Cebu
  • Check-in at Waterfront
  • 3-in-1 water sports

Day 2

  • Cebu -> Bohol
  • Bohol Countryside Tour
  • Check-in at Bellevue

Day 3

  • Balicasag Island
  • Virgin Island
  • Firefly tour

Day 4

  • Bohol -> Cebu
  • Check-in at Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Day 5

  • Oslob whaleshark tour
  • Tumalog falls
  • Oslod historical sites

Day 6

  • Cebu city tour

Day 7

  • Arrival in Incheon




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