Yeouido Resto: All Day Fresh Kitchen

By Local Unnie

It was very long time before I came back to Yeouido. The last time I visited Yeouido was when my boss resigned from the firm.

This place is special since this was also the first field I have been to as an associate where I spent the busy season.

Moving on. I have been to “All Day Fresh Kitchen” located at the 50th floor where you can see the City of Seoul. This restaurant is popular for its brunch and the atmosphere.This restaurant does accept reservation only during weekdays and is allowed stay only for two hours.You will see this view at the top of the restaurant. During our visit, I have ordered omelet, burger, and pasta.Food was a bit pricy so once might be good enough!

Long holiday in Korea is all over and now I am on my way to work. Waiting for another long holiday in 2025! ๐Ÿ˜€

Have a great day in advance!


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