Cafehopping: Sarr, Yeonnamdong

By Local Unnie

I am a matcha lover. When I saw the video clip of a pancake with matcha syrup on top while traveling to Cebu, I knew that I will be visiting this place upon my arrival.
Therefore, after coming back from Cebu, I went to the derma to relax my skin from the summer heat with my colleague and went to a cafe in Yeonnamdong named “Sarr”.

Operating Hours: 12NN – 10PM

Be aware of getting waitlisted since this cafe is so famous for its pancake.

If you want to know more about this cafe, leave me a comment! 🙂

Posted the map on how to get to Sarr! From exit no. 3 of Honggik University Station, walk towards your left until you see the Yeonnam police station – this is the landmark stating that you are ALMOST there. Cross the street until you see the Hanoi star on your right. Turn right after the Hanoi star then you will see Sarr on your left! 😉


2 thoughts on “Cafehopping: Sarr, Yeonnamdong

    • Local Unnie says:

      Hi there! To get to Sarr, from Honggik University station get out at exit no. 3 then walk toward your left until you see the police station. When you see the police station, cross the street. Walk straight til you see Hanoi star on your right then turn right. You will see Sarr. Seems explaining via text lacks. Posted the map for your guide. Just in case download google map to check out the location of Sarr.


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