Hotel Review: Plantation Bay Resort and Spa, Cebu, Philippines

By Local Unnie


Before writing my review about Plantation, let me tell you a story that happened to me upon my arrival. Since I do not want to hold a big amount of money, I usually make a settlement first and this time I have encountered a problem. The amount billed to me in the resort was different from the one bill I have received through an e-mail. I was a bit worried cause I do not have enough pesos on hand. Fortunately, the hotel allowed me to pay the amount that was billed to me through an email since it was there system that had a problem. YAY Thanks Plantation Management. 🙂

Plantation Bay was the last hotel we have stayed in Cebu. This resort was full of Koreans a.k.a. you will hear Korean words everywhere you go. HAHA


This was the swimming pool near the room.


This was the view outside of the room.

We stayed at the two bed room suite (Iguasu) and below was our room for the last two days at Cebu. Same type of room was given to the boys too.IMG_9173IMG_9174The resort was big to the point that there was a shuttle roaming around the resort. In addition, there are a lot of indoor and outdoor activities you can enjoy! We had a free ride of kayak for 15 mins., archery, diving, and shooting (though this was not for free)!


Through this trip, I have found out that I am really good at rowing the boat.


First time to shoot using a real pistol.

Definitely, my stay at the Plantation was worth the money. I shall come back to this resort when I visit back Cebu.


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