Feel the Autumn of Korea at Seonjaryeong, Peongchang

By Local Unnie

It’s been a year from the day I have joined the trekking club of my company. First trekking experience at Odaesan was the worst one I guess. It was worst neither because of the level of difficulty nor the scenery. It was all because of the bottle of water that I have intake while walking. Anyways, let me move on to my story telling on my recent trekking experience (Oct. 21, 2017 – really recent right?).

About four hours of bus ride from GFC (Gangnam Finance Center) located at Yeoksam-dong, we have reached the Seonjaryeong. We have enountered some traffic going to this place because of the road constructions on going in relation to Peongchang Winter Olympics (Yes, Winter Olympics 2018 is gonna held in Korea. Winter Olympics came closer to me because of Yuna Kim – gold and silver medalist in figure skating, 2010 & 2014 Winter Olympics) and the trekkers going to mountains.


I do not know what is with me but I really love this kind of windmill.

While writing this post, something came to my mind. I had no problem with the transpo going to this place because everything was ready by my company but how about for my foreign friends? What if they want to visit this place? And I have found out that there are tours available online at about KRW 25,000 (approx. USD 23) inclusive of round trip bus ride, guide fee, and entrance fee. If you need help on making a reservation, feel free to leave me a message. 🙂


Autumn sky in Korea was high.


Leaves were starting to turn red and yellow.


Seems like the Descendants of the Sun, right?

IMG_9869Seems like all the trees will turn in red and yellow after two weeks but still the scenery was like a painting.


How about this? This reminds of the Twilight.

On my way up to the top, I saw people doing paragliding too.



Common reed or silver grass?

I do not know either but this seems to be silver grass base on my research. There was an old couple on my way to the peak – sitting on the rock. I shoot them since they looked to beautiful and lovely.IMG_9917After 2.5 hours of walking, I have reached the top. I was so tired and hungry but had to take this obligatory photo at the top. On our way down, we got lost so this took us to walk another hour going down. 😦 Despite I am suffering from a muscle pain after, I am planning of attending the next trekking in November at Namhansansung.  KakaoTalk_20171022_191340543


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