Cafehopping: C27, Garosu-gil, Sinsa

By Local Unnie

October is almost over. Streets were filled with people with Halloween costume or make up cause today was the Friday of Halloween week. Well, Korea did not celebrate Halloween since it is a Western thing yet lately this became a thing among the youth.

Question? What did I do?

I did the usual thing. After the work, I went on a dinner then a cafe named C27 – located at the Garosu-gil, Sinsa.

I saw this restaurant after I had a brunch at MADE, Apgujeong. It was Sunday late afternoon and it was full of people – from basement 1 to the top floor. WOW right?

Upon visiting this cafe, I am pretty sure that you will feel the same as I did. I felt that the owner used a lot of money for its interior design. Take a look of the cafe. It’s really well decorated.I got a cheese latte with a shot and it was good! 😉 

Happy Halloween everyone!


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