Yeonnamdong Resto: The Yellow

By Local Unnie

After the picnic to Hanuel Park (Sky Park), we went to a small restaurant in Yeonnamdong. I made a reservation through internet considering its size.

We were planning to get a cab but it did not go as we planned. Traffic was bad and no cab responded to our Kakao taxi call. Instead, we rode a bus 7013B at the bus station near the park.

Four stations via bus, we have reached “The  Yellow”.Like its name, the building was colored in yellow and blue and its inner was warmly decorated with tiny stuffs.We first had squash soup as an appetizer. This was similar to the one in Dr. Robin but this tasted greater!We have ordered yellow burger, quatro cheese burger, cream garlic burger, and a tomato pasta.

Yellow Burger

Quatro Cheese Burger

Cream Garlic Burger

Tomato Pasta

We had a great dinner at The Yellow. If you are going near Hongdae, visit The Yellow. 🙂 You will never regeret!


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