Hanoi X Halong Bay Day 4: Halong Bay, Cong Cafe, and Uudamchay

By Local Unnie

Last day in the Halong Bay has come. Obviously, I missed the morning activity cause I am not a morning person. Hehe Therefore, I started my day with a trekking. Going up was exhausting. Going inside the cave was another burden since the number of tourists seems too much than the capacity of the cave. When we were going down, we saw a lot of people lining up waiting for their turn to get it. Taken these photos before I return to the cruise.IMG_7191IMG_7197


My sister seems like a lost child.

IMG_7230After the last outdoor activity and brunch, we leave the cruise and went back to Hanoi. Yes. It is another 5-hour travel via van. Thank God for the comfortable van. This time we went down at the stopover and walked around with pringles, oreo, and a bottle of coke.

Upon arriving in Hanoi, we were scheduled to meet Dasom unnie’s parents since they live in Hanoi. We were invited to their house! Thanks auntie for the warm welcome. She treated us like their daughters! We went to uumdachay, a vegetarian restaurant but before that, we stayed at the famous Cong Cafe waiting for Dasom unnie’s dad to pick up us. Cong Cafe is a must to visit. It is just love.

IMG_7263Had an awesome dinner at Uumdachay. If you are a vegatarian, visit Uumdachay!


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