Gyeonggido Kwangju Resto: Puddle House

By Local Unnie

Commuters like me has very rare chance of visiting a brunch cafe located in Gwangju. Even myself do not know the “How to get there?” yet. Yet… Because I am lazy to figure it out and I don’t think I will go there again by myself until I get a car.

It was the day after the Pepero Day. With a box of peperoes on my hand, I met my friends at the Yangjae Station who will pick me up.

About 1.5 hours away from Seoul, Gyeonggido Gwangju (not Cheonrado) is one of the out of town places to visit near Seoul.

Why? Because of these instagrammable views.It has two stories. Restaurant at the ground floor and a cafe at the second floor. This place also has been a shooting place for K-dramas.Foods were a bit pricy but I was fine as the unnie with me treated me. HEHE Nice one! 🙂With my friend, I was able to visit the one of the out of town restos I wanted to visit.We ended our day with a cup of coffee, peperoes, and stories.Above is the peperoes I made and gave to unnie.

Isn’t it cute?Last! I took a picture of a random couple because they seemed so nice with the surroundings. Aren’t they?


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