Let it Snow at Gapyeong

By Local Unnie

Wondering how is the winter of Nami Island? Well, I was not able to go to the Nami Island itself but went somewhere near Nami Island and Petit France with my colleagues.

We shopped all together at Hanam Star Field. It was my first time to visit Hanam Star Field and I saw dogs everywhere I go because this mall allows to bring dogs.

Taken this picture while on our way to Gapyeong. Wow right? I have heard that it was raining in Seoul but getting near Gapyeong it was snowing HARD to the point that a car ahead of us got accident due to frozen and slippery road. Snow took us more than an hour to get to the pension. As we arrived in the pension, I set up the exchange gifts. I prayed hard to avoid the black plastic bag wrapped ones but lucky or not? I got the black one. HAHA. But thank Lord. I received a Kakao Friends calendar! YAY!After the short program at the middle of dinner, we continued to eat. We also had games – yootnolyi, a traditional Korean board game using 4 sticks and guessing the title if the song or drama by listening to the sound played. Our night ended and the next morning, a gorgeous winter scenery of Korea welcomed us.Beautiful right? It’s a bit cold so ready yourself. Planning for Nami Island? This will be somehow similar scenery of Nami Island after snowing.Feel the breeze. See the snow at Gapyeong! 😀


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