Shoot the target at Target Zone, Jamsilsaenae

By Local Unnie

Lately, I have noticed that there are a lot of couples getting married in winter. Wondering the why and I concluded that maybe because it is cheaper and easier to rent/reserve the wedding hall. The day before I went to target zone with my colleagues was also a wedding day of my upper batch.

The main event of the day was to have an indoor activity because it is cold to have an outdoor activity in the winter. If you are in Korea during winter, try playing screen shooting at Target Zone, Jamsilsaenae. They do also have an early bird event which is applicable for the visitors before 5PM.

You can also order drinks. We were group of five so we had 2 accounts. 20 rounds for 2 accounts for early birds cost KRW 24,000. We had total of 40 rounds and after the 40 rounds we were burnt out.

How to get there?:

From exit 4 of Jamsilsaenae station, walk straight until you see a Starbucks (cup icon on the picture) on your left. Turn left and walk straight then you will see Target Zone on your left. YAAY!!

Happy shooting everyone! 🙂


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